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Architectural studies of interiors (interior designs)

Implementation documentation of interiors

Atypical furniture design (custom-made furniture)

Ensuring the implementation of interiors

Ensuring the supply of interior and bathroom equipment

Cooperation in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors

Architectural studies of buildings

Territorial permit documentation

Building permit documentation

Implementation documentation of constructions (in the case of larger constructions, We cooperate with the team

designers who have years of experience in building design)

Author's supervision during implementation

Verification study

We provide surveys, assessments

Engineering activities (securing individual permits at offices)

Residential architect service


Why contact us

We have around us a team of quality people who will help you realize your ideas about dreaming, a cozy cafe, a hotel interior, a family house, etc. We have experience in designing not only public, commercial, residential interiors, but also with designing various types of private and public buildings.

What we can help you with

We want to offer you everything we can to help you with your dream home. There are no small orders for us, bathroom designs, kitchen design up to the overall complex design of an apartment, family house, apartment building.

We provide consulting services, consultations, apartment designs, residential architect services. We provide implementation and author's supervision on the construction site.


We design residential interiors in the spirit of current trends, you want an apartment in the Scandinavian style, you want an apartment in the Italian spirit, we follow current trends and we know where to reach when choosing interior equipment, we save you time and money.

Interior design is not just a decorative activity for us, we think comprehensively so that the result is as convincing as possible. Sometimes it only pays to change the layout slightly and your apartment gets a completely different dimension.

We try to create the interior individually according to the client's needs, in cooperation with the architect and the client we choose the color shades of floors, tiles, furniture, kitchens, decorations, lights - this is the only way to achieve a comprehensive result.

3d models, visualization

Do you want to see what your dream home (interior) will look like before we start implementing it? Then the visualization service will serve you. You will see your living (interior) in advance in 3d space and avoid possible disappointment. Few people have the imagination to be able to imagine everything.

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